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Q.  Will I be charged any fees, even if I do not hire Acclivity’s referred Candidates?
Absolutely NOT! We only charge you any fees if you decide to hire our referred Candidates.

Q.  When will I be invoiced and will I receive a copy of the timecard with my invoice?
You will be invoiced weekly and a copy of the timecard will be included with your invoice for your records.

Q.  May I interview the prospective candidates?
Yes, you may interview any of our referred candidates. We will be happy to schedule interviews at your location or ours. If you choose not to, that’s okay too. We extensively screen and interview each candidate ourselves so we are able to make the best career match.

Q.  May I review the resumes of the prospective candidates?
Yes, you can review a candidate’s resume at any time.

Q.  What is a bill rate and how is it figured?
The bill rate is what you pay per hour for an employee. It includes: the employee’s hourly wage, all taxes, unemployment, and workers’ compensation. It is determined by the established mark-up and hourly pay rate.

Q.  If I would like to hire someone, what are my options with Acclivity?
Executive Search, Direct Hire, Contract To Hire, and Long Term Contract.

Q.  Can you do background checks and drug screens?
Yes, our standard screening process includes several types of background checks, as well as a drug screen.

Q.  If I like the employee, when can I hire them full-time and put them on our payroll?
Acclivity Healthcare employees can be hired full-time without additional fees after they have completed the contract-to-hire conversion period, usually 520 hours. Any of our candidates are available for hire prior to that time with a pro-rated conversion fee assessed.

Q.  If I need to cancel or end an assignment, can I just tell the employee myself?
Our normal protocol is for Acclivity Healthcare to communicate to the Employee that an assignment has ended or been canceled. But occasionally circumstances do arise when it may be beneficial for you to communicate this to the Employee directly. We will accommodate your wishes on a case by case basis.

Q.  Am I allowed to provide overtime?
Yes, as long as the overtime compensation regulations set by the State are being met.

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